Algebra – 1

I am a teacher and this is the best Algebra course I have seen. The style of the teacher is very unique, he is making math sounds like so easy. The logic of every concept is developed with a story before going forward with the topic. Every practice problem is discussed in detail! I don’t think there is any other resource where every practice problem is discussed. I highly recommend Cratoo to every middle and high school student.

High School Teacher, Seattle

Excellent course. This is the best Algebra course for my son. The best part is the video explanation for every practice problem.

Dad - Portland, Oregon

My daughter was struggling with pre-algebra. Now, she is learning Algebra 1. She never thought Algebra is so easy. Great teacher and we love his funny way of teaching. At one point he even says, he cannot say the letter “z”:). Cratoo is the best resource you can give to your kids.

Mom - Phoenix, Arizona