Very simple design and easy to follow lessons. Our kids love this brand new site. Each lesson has mainly 2 components – a video lesson and a few practice problems. Each practice problem comes with a video explanation. That is the best part of the site. I highly recommend cratoo to middle school parents.

Parents of 6th grader, Beaverton, Oregon

Cratoo team is so helpful. My grade 7 son hates math. We send them a mail asking what to do. They sent a page long fully researched response. A very practical approach to our problem. In the last 2 months, I have seen a very good change in our son. Thank you.

Parents of 7th grader, Las Vegas, Nevada

Every lesson is very thoughtfully made. The teachers are very lively and make math feel easy. The best part is I can see the sincerity in their effort. I feel they are genuinely trying to help the kids. They can still improve the platform a lot but I give them credit for creating 8000  videos. Good job cratoo and thank you. Highly recommended.

Parents of 8th grader, Bethany, Oregon

My kid is dyslexic. He is very good at everything else. We are so happy we found cratoo. It almost entirely changed our learning need. This platform will become very big. Thank you cratoo.

Parents of 6th grader, Seattle, Washington

I am a single mother of 2. Cratoo is the life savior for me and my daughters! I cannot afford a private tutor but I can pay $10 a month. This is the best platform for math.

Parents of 4th and 7th grader, Portland, Oregon

All homeschool parents, this is what you need. You spend so much money – but this is the best $10 you will spend on your kids. The best math lessons I have ever seen.

Parents of 6th grader, Phoenix, Arizona

My daughter is in grade 5. They use Dreambox at school. When we tried Cratoo, we were skeptical as it is brand new. I asked my daughter after the trial period if we should continue, she said – “Cratoo is million times better than Dreambox!”

Parents of 5th grader, Bethany, Oregon

Amazing course if your kids need help. Cratoo has almost 90% topic covered. You should try them. I hope they will add high school soon.

Parents of 9th grader, Salem, Oregon

I found the lessons to be extremely well done.

Parents of 3rd grader, Seattle, Washington

We enjoyed every lesson. The instructors show a strong understanding of the material and delivered it in a very engaging way. They showed how to solve the same problem in multiple ways. The video explanations are the best if your kids are stuck.

Parents of 7th grader, Hillsboro, Oregon

The instructor does a good job explaining ‘why’ as well as ‘how’ to do Pre-Algebra. This is a great website for us.

Parents of 6th grader, Beaverton, Oregon

The middle school teacher is by far the best online Tutor. I now feel more confident to start Algebra, after taking the pre-algebra course.

Parents of 6th grader, Vancouver, Washington